Wordless Wednesday (not very this week): A Victorian Poem

Mary Caroline “Nannie” Thornton Shaw
March 30, 1874
Bedford, Indiana

Albert Hopkins Davis and Emma Sickles Thornton

Albert and Emma Davis
Takoma Park, MD

 I wish my grandmother Frances had told me more about her parents, Albert and Emma Davis. 

She did leave a few precious insights to this set of great-grandparents shared here.

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Wordless Wednesday: The Davis Family

Davis Family, 1899
Washington DC

From top left to right; Nina age 14 yrs, Albert Hopkins Davis 45 yrs, Ruth age 17 yrs, Emma age 12 yrs, Frances age 4 yrs, Emma Sickles (nee Thornton) age 41 yrs, George Easton age 2 yrs, Winifred Braxton age 5 months.
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Wordless Wednesday: 1940 Census

Frances and Ruth Dallant
1940 Census,Alban Towers, Washington DC

Just released this week the 1940 US Census on Ancestry.com. The Date of this entry is April 1940, Nicholas Dallant aka Dozenberg had been arrested in December 1939. Frances was alone with her young daughter with the exception of another man that had moved into the household. Humes Houston Whittlesey, USN had unprecedented access to a small child, left without her father. It is interesting to note that the name is spelled “Delant,”(the correct spelling is Dallant,) perhaps intentionally, Frances could have been attempting to protecting herself and her daughter from public scrutiny or alternatively, the couple had rented the apartment with a false spelling. Nick had lived and married under the assumed name of “Dallant,” for 12 years. Nicholas and Frances had lived at this Washington DC address since 1937. Later when the FBI searched the apartment records they where not able to locate this residence.

You can see the original image here 1940 Census Record – Alban Towers – Washington DC

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Wordless Wednesday: Roxbury, Boston, MA Google Map

GOOGLE custom map of Lettish Lativian community at the turn of the 20th century, addresses from public documents

Roxbury, Boston, MA – Custom Google Map
mapped addresses for Nicholas Dozenberg and associated family members

This was an interesting application of new technology for geneaology enthusiasts. Custom Google map showing Roxbury, MA addresses for Nicholas Dozenberg and family members living in a bustling Lettish community at the turn of the 20th century. This data was gleaned from various documents, border crossings, census reports, immigration documents and Boston city directories. 

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Wordless Wednesday: Katherine "Katie" Dosenberg

Katherine “Katie” Alide Kunan nee Dosenberg
born:1887 Russia; died: Sept 1955 Boston, MA

Finding Katie:

Immigrant women virtually disappeared from the records upon marriage, changing their surname. No United States birth record exsists, and there is no record of Naturalization because at the turn of the 20th century the name of the wife appeared on her husbands record with no documentation of her maiden name.

Aided by cousins her married name was revealed as Kunan. Thanks to John Dosenberg’s step-daughter, her picture was recovered from an ancient pile of pictures relegated to her attic. Katherine “Katie” Alide Dosenberg married Andrew Kunan in 1907 in Fall River, MA (see the MA archives site) and then found her listed in the 1920 Census in Boston, MA with her two sons. Subsequently found her listed in the Boston City directory for 1915, 1916, 1920, 1934, 1940’s, 1955, and 1956. My heart raced as a paged through the 1956 directory looking for the name of her widowed daughter-in-law (Alvina Kunan), living with Katie (her youngest son had passed away at the young age of 35yrs). I found the listing for the daughter-in-law and to my great surprize Katie was listed along with her death date in 1955.

It sounds simple now put into words but this was over the course of several years. In part because the Boston city directories just became avaliable on Ancestry.com for the later years. Katie has been found!

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Wordless Wednesday: Nevada City, and Blue Tent, Nevada County, California

Nevada City, California, circa 1930’s
My great-grandmother’s house on
10135 Coyote Street, Nevada City, CA
Nevada County Consolidated Fire Station No. 4
stands at the site now (see picture below)
These photos are from my paternal grandmother’s photo album, she grew up in Nevada City, CA. The top photo is a postcard, the other was most likely taken by her of her childhood home. The house on Coyote Street is demolished and the fire station stands in it’s place. My great aunt was devastated when the State of California took the property by eminent domain. My father also grew up in Nevada City, CA
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Below are more pictures taken just outside Nevada City in Blue Tent.
Blue Tent School Road
named in memory of the one-room school house as
pictured below in 1971
Blue Tent One Room Schoolhouse as it was in 1971
where one of my great-grandmother’s was a school teacher
Cable Ranch site near Blue Tent, Nevada County, California
one set of great-great grandparents where pioneer settlers here
as it looked in 1971
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